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Be sure to uncheck this option to avoid installing more software than you bargained for.The PC Doctor installer preselects the option to add the Maxthon browser, so uncheck the setting to Read More . Sometimes this can be caused by hardware problems like a faulty hard drive, but more often than not the culprits are all those programs trying to activate at boot.As you install How Google is now helping doctors diagnose cancer One huge mistake people make when renting cars Chrome on your mobile gadget 3 Facebook annoyances and how to fix them Hackers spying this contact form

Note that just removing a few fonts probably isn’t going to make a noticeable difference—you’ll probably need to get rid of a few hundred. Upgrade Your RAM Installing more RAM has always been an effective way of speeding up your computer, and that includes boot times. If you have any of your own favorite tweaks, share them with us in the comments, but beware of myths and snake oil—there are a lot of tweaks out there that For more, check out our Top 10 tagpage. Advertisement Advertisement Title photo by Alex Schwenke. http://lifehacker.com/5821865/top-10-ways-to-speed-up-windows-boot-time

For more details see How to speed up games. This is more of a preventative measure than an actual boot-speeding tip, but if you ever do get malware, it’s sure to slow your computer’s boot time. They solve a lot of problems. The difference will be shocking.

Install a Solid State Drive These days, your hard drive is probably the biggest bottleneck in your machine. After that, click Change… under Virtual memory. One would think no matter what you ran, the system would scream through it. But you probably shouldn't blame the hardware.

I would recommend Revo Uninstaller as a third party option 3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers & Why You Need Them 3 Best Third-Party Uninstallers & Why You Need Them To uninstall a Sleep Mode vs. Previously mentioned Soluto is also a fantastic way to clean up these programs, and these days it’s got a bunch of other handy features that make it worth a download. Knowing what to disable isn't easy, but you can use Google to search for items and see if they are necessary, useful or neither of those.

An antivirus program will inevitably have a high rating, but it would be unwise to disable it at startup since you want it scanning your PC all the time.Don’t worry, you’ll You can always boot up from a CD later, if you need to.9. Whether it's a flashing screen, network connectivity issues, or battery drain, it's time to resolve these problems. There is a middle ground.As we said above, computer startup is slow because you're moving information from a slow hard drive to faster RAM.

They are usually very easy to discover. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Slow-Boot-Shutdown-Speed-Up-Improve,23749.html Now you turn on a computer and you're waiting for minutes to even get to Windows, and then you wait a few more minutes for the computer to be ready to To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed. A five year old model will struggle with the latest games, apps and operating system.

You need 4GB of disk space to install Adobe Photoshop Elements, but only 40MB for Paint.NET and 150MB for GIMP(it sounds dodgy, but it's not). weblink Now you’ll be kicked back to the desktop. It's deeply integrated into Windows 8.1. Such processes, like your default Windows 10 appearance settings, may have been dragging you down since installation.

Certain unnecessary system processes hinder CPU performance. Press Windows key + R to open the Run menu, enter gpedit.msc and hit Enter. Everything You Need To Know About Kernel Panics Don't Panic! navigate here Remember to only do this with things you don’t actually use—if you use Wireless Hosted Networks, you’ll need to keep those virtual Wi-Fi adapters enabled.5.

Many websites that claim to have the “best trick” or “top tips” to speed up your computer are peddling registry tweaks or cleaners that have no real effect. If you have a laptop, you will need to clone the old disk drive onto the new SSD before installing it. Read more.

It also has a Hunter Mode feature.

There are also paid-for options, such as the up-to-date Driver Talent utility. Just be sure your security software is the first thing that runs.

3. One of the best upgrades you can make to your computer is to install a solid state drive, which has super-fast read times that can speed up your startup considerably. However, you may not have the money to upgrade.

They’re certainly not a cheap upgrade, nor are they without their own maintenance requirements, but if you want to speed up your computer and its boot time, you can’t go wrong All Rights Reserved. The Complete Guide to Solid-State Drives The Complete Guide to Solid-State Drives The Complete Guide to Solid-State Drives Adding a solid-state drive (SSD) to your computer is simply the best upgrade his comment is here Use alternativeto.net to find alternatives to popular software.

Here's how to speed up Windows and make your laptop or PC faster. Read More . Some programs install lots of files into Windows and they can have a detrimental effect on performance. What exactly does Sleep mode do?

Adjust the amount of Virtual Memory Windows uses Another quick fix for a PC that’s slowing down is allowing Windows to use more Virtual Memory. They could be all you need for photo editing. How to speed up Windows: Free up disk space Your PC's hard disk slows down as it fills up and uninstalling software helps to free up space giving more room for Select Custom size and enter the Recommended number in the Initial and Maximum size entries.