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Windows 8 Classic Start Menu


I suggest you do even though you probably won't. Shortcuts to various programs and certain folders appear on the left pane, while links to Documents, Pictures, Music, Control Panel, and other familiar spots appear on the right. I just think the attacks and ranting are out of line at this stage. I found it counterproductive to downgrade a new computer’s OS and more costly in the long run. http://recupsoft.com/start-menu/windows-10-classic-start-menu.html

Best Video Tutorials and Help from HowTech 101,975 views 1:06 Classic Shell to Get Start Menu in Windows 8 - Duration: 8:05. This allows you to seamlessly launch these apps right from the desktop as easily as you could any other program. Can I go ahead and give microsoft or apple a few thousand dollars so I can reserve my spot for future windows 9, 10, 11, and so on? Out of curiosity i installed start 8 but took it off when i had satisfied the curiosity. check these guys out

Windows 8 Classic Start Menu

Thank you for giving me a good laugh this morning. :) http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp There are plenty of people who prefer it to 7. If he was an employee, he would care for what his clients want and need, not argue with them, trying to convince them that his ways are the best and they While it does have a couple of skins to choose from and the option to change what your Start button looks like, you’ll find nothing of value above and beyond what

You advice can't be taken SERIOUSLY!!!!! This is so much nonsense. But I still find the folder-structured Start menu the quickest and easiest way to launch any application when I'm already working in the desktop. Windows 8.1 Start Menu Download This view offers a series of tiles you can configure to link to any programs or apps you have on your computer.

Start8 sells for $4.99, though the company offers a full 30-day trial version. Windows 8.1 Enable Start Menu http://www.facebook.com/ronald.stepp Ronald Stepp A bad UI decision is not "being ahead in technology." When the UI slows me down in a revision it isn't a good change. Robert Kingsley ViStart is about as close as you’re going to get to the Windows 7 Start menu. http://download.cnet.com/Start-Menu-8/3000-2072_4-75852660.html max999 M$ is just too arrogant to admit they screwed up.

I've actually noticed my usability improve with windows 8. Start Menu Windows 7 You see that when you add a user and assign the rights. I develop electronics and software and I often have to read ton of datasheets and documentation which is very time consuming and tiring but it’s a necessity for being able to Or wait, no it doesn't.

Windows 8.1 Enable Start Menu

Right-clicking the orb presents a menu with options to launch the Start screen, open File Explorer, trigger the Run command, and access the full Shutdown menu. LinuxTechShow 283,987 views 12:54 Make windows 8 look like 7 (return of start menu) - Duration: 3:43. Windows 8 Classic Start Menu http://www.idc.com/prodserv/smartphone-os-market-share.jsp Opinionated Cat Lover 2.8% of 1.4 billion is 39.2 million, Neutrino. Windows 7 Start Menu For Windows 8 March 6, 2012 Mike It would seem that its time to get a one button solution for a classic shift.

I like Google's and others approach which offers easy ways to allow people to try the "new look" but to be able to switch back and forth easily. http://recupsoft.com/start-menu/all-users-start-menu-windows-10.html I've heard it called the "Total Windows Experience". It utilizes a neat "pinning" system that isn't unlike the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. I never got caught up in the iPhone hype, so I never had a reason to by one. Start Menu 8

Unfortunately though, you can't pin modern apps to the Start menu.Start Menu 8 is highly customizable. A shutdown button offers links to sleep, lock, log off, restart, and shut down your PC. http://www.facebook.com/saym.guy Saym Guy "I understand that most people don’t see it that way, at least yet, but it’s better to have both worlds at once and be able to choose which weblink Even Volkswagen who's motto was "if it works don't fix it" didn't leave it alone and forty years later successfully brought back the awful Beetle. :-0 Brian Merica Total fanboy.

The latest update to the program ties in more heavily with the Windows 8 UI. How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8 Its going on a phone. But you might as well stick with Classic Shell.

For instance, my wife is four months older and it took me almost an hour to show her the differences she'd have to deal with after we bought Win 8.

Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 Roger Dancy Wow Chris. I think Classic Shell is a much better alternative than ViStart. I am using x64. Start Button Windows 10 It is way better than the IOS ui that has not changed in many years.

The more things change (The shitty Metro UI crap), the more things stay the same (Microsoft fanbase bringing back the start button themselves). We show you what's what in this First Look at Microsoft's future-forward Windows 8. The only people I can think of that would want this on a desktop would be a few hipsters. check over here I love the new interface, when I am using a touch device.

RetroUI Pro offers a novel and clean way of uniting the Start menu with the Windows 8 environment and is well worth the price. Buy the newest pre-service pack software with all the new bugs and design bugs or else bad things happen to you. Loading... Windows 8 has no "new and great things to offer" that are of any relevance to me as a desktop user.

For a lot of people this would be a deal breaker. I started my computing history with apple with the first mac and only made the windows transition because my work required it. Thanks to a feature called Enforce, you can launch a Windows 8 app from the program's Start menu, and it opens in its own resizable window directly on the desktop. Businesses will rip Microsoft to shreds if this is what they intend to release.

Classic Shell Like Classic Shell on Facebookto receive news and power tips HOME | FORUM | F.A.Q. | SCREENSHOTS | TRANSLATIONS | ALL DOWNLOADS What is Classic Shell? No absolutely not. Start Menu 8 is a revolutionary UI product! While there is no separate menu for Windows Store apps, they are buried in a folder inside this view, so they're still accessible from the desktop environment.The next option is a

Windows Key + Q shows all programs, use your scroll wheel on the mouse to move side to side. Tig3RStyluS Windows Phone is gaining share and will continue to do so. Debaditya Chatterjee what about native support for mounting ISOs, a built in pdf reader(albeit metro), more stability & vastly reduced BSODs?