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Static IP With BT *confused*

Okay, so you understand why you need to get a static IP, (apart from the obvious "cuz I want to forward my ports!") it's time to move on to the how The setup I do the default setup, basically saying yes to everything. It still changes at least once a day!! And No-IP now require you to manually confirm your domains every 30 days, which is complete nonesense. weblink

All rights reserved. You even can reinstall your computer's operating system, reboot, and there is your static IP again! "Zero Config". i want to host my own web page cor - 28.02.08 11:23 am butch, what you need to know is in the notes under the article. ;o) (or Laura - 15.03.08 So where are you coming up with the larger range of IP addresses (ie to

If this does not work and you don't get DNS, gateway settings etc. Finally, once everything is 100%, with all firewalls in-place, DUC enabled and working (automatically!) you can edit your dynamic host names into your local hosts file, and work with the no-ip.com netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" dhcp netsh interface ip set dns "Local Area Connection" dhcp You can also export all your current settings to a file, and then Level 1 (75 points) Aug 17, 2005 11:53 AM in response to Henry B.

which comes with business broadband. That's all there is to it! your Airport Base Station must be assigned an IP address of Even those that think they do, or have been told they do.

Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site. Now in my own setup at home, I dont have ADSL, as I am on Virgin media. THANKS MC cor - 23.10.07 9:15 pm Jeez! I had tried some complex guides on other sites but yours was so user friendly that I completely understood everything.

I want to host a REAL domain! The idea behind the static was that that was the IP and it remained that but I don't know how I would assign this static to the PC so that I While I'm here, don't forget, there are oodles of HTML Validators, Site link checkers, and so on, that will do exactly this, if you ask them; that is; surf your site The grep command would work if your server was directly connected to the internet, but I suspect you are going through a NAT/router/etc, which is why it gives you a local

  • That sort of defeats the purpose of having a static if you're rolling between 5 addresses.
  • Should I be using a static IP address in this case?
  • cor - 22.05.08 1:03 am kasper, you might want to use something like netsh (a Microsoft command-line tool - it's built-in to windows).
  • You could telnet to your router by simply doing corz2, for instance.
  • At the moment I am trying to set up an 'static ip' so I can set up 'port forwarding' for bittorrent clients.
  • If you develop web sites, this is near essential.
  • The DNS are the same they were before and still have internet access from my laptop and iphone.Have I missed a step somewhere?
  • It's usually called something like "Network Configuration", or "inet configurator" or whatever.
  • I am trying to build a web server that will serve web sites to the net.

Thanks I was using the wrong one. check my site The easiest way of doing this is via the DHCP setup on the hub and set it so the public IP you want to use is assigned to your machine each On some Linux systems, the settings will be in corz4 (or whatever interface you are using), or possibly corz3. In your diagram, it comes before the modem, which implies that it is at the other side of your internet connexion (phone line), but NOTHING under your control is at the

You can not post a blank message. have a peek at these guys In some routers it's called "Address Reservation". mmm-five 6,610 posts 199 months [report] [news]Wednesday 11th July 2012 The gateway IP should be the 192.168 one, as that's the one you're connecting your PC to. Other things I've tried.

Why then do I need one to host my own website? BT say I have to leave it on PPPoA. kasper - 20.05.08 2:53 pm hello, I have a little problem... check over here Perhaps that's why you've not had a lot of assistance elsewhere.

And how do they work? And i follow the picture.... Once it's working, you can again enable firewall, DUC, etc, one-by-one, and test (probe) after each and every step.

DUCs, just like Ducks, come in all shapes and sizes, from wee shell scripts that run in the background on a spare Linux box in your home, to cute windows tray

As above everything seemed to be working but I was getting some parental blocking in the browser window. Their help desk was useless (only business section gets vpn support). If you meant something else, get back with more/better info. The solution is there. ;o) (or asfand - 31.03.08 6:48 pm I didn't no; I know about calling the ISP to check if they can offer a static external IP address

You don't need to have the ISP assign it. slash888 - 14.05.08 2:42 am Sir, I follow that instruction, coz i have a local ip that I tried changing the PPPoA setting to IPoA and using the ip settings that BT gave me, but this didnt work. this content Bravo, top of the class Ron - 10.12.07 8:35 pm Very helpfull advise.

Firstly, you are not going to be able to test this effectively from inside your LAN. I used the tool to get my external IP addr.