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Sound Stuttering Windows 10


This does not fix the problem but at least I have audio again (phew). It seems even worse with video playing applications like VLC media player. To check it out click here. I'll post a debug log when I have a chance. http://recupsoft.com/windows-10/windows-10-stuttering-audio.html

i7 4770k • 8GB RAM • GTX 780 Ti SC ACX • Win 7 64 Reply With Quote Jul-15-2015,09:59 #18 Baffin View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Every other file works perfectly in XBMC or with my external player. PART 3 - TROUBLE SHOOTING Section 1. I converted everything to mp3 and didnt have any other problems but then you do lose some clarity.

Sound Stuttering Windows 10

My concern is that some mobos/chipsets/audio chipsets are causing a problem rather than the OS or drivers, because from my testing the OS and the drivers are both capable of producing Unity Community - Error We encountered a problem with your session, please try again, or use the menu above to go back to the Forum. Had some vicious crashes that needed restarts when loading projects up and some simple vanishings mid-tune too.

If one of the developers wants this there must be a reason for it. Nothing else is running on the machine - only the OS (no wireless etc.) and Live. I'm going insane. Audio Glitches Windows 10 ii.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver didn't work. Winrot Cheers, Scream. Try: Audio ouput: Analog Speaker configuration: 2.0 Audio output device: Directsound device [ii.] If everything works successfully with Audio Output set to Analog, then change the audio Output device to SPDIF I had a 30 gig folder that all of a sudden was down to 8 gigs.

I re-installed Windows 10 two times, even after clean install, the problem persists. Stuttering/buzzing Sound During Audio/video Playback Read more here. EDIT 7/16/15: While I never saw the problem in the first place, I swear my CLoD is running smoother now than before these changes. but besides that also check volume!!!


my pc's audio stutters all the time. I experienced the same problems as described here with Realtek HD Audio and Windows 10.One good check to ensure your issue is similar is that the stuttering is NOT experienced during Sound Stuttering Windows 10 If so, god knows it's still hella wonky but definately improving with each 8.0.x Hence, if possible, try reverting to the stable 7.0.16 for the set. Sound Stuttering Windows 7 please guide to resolve this problem 08-14-2015 04:39 PM Like 1 4 http://forums.windowscentral.com/showthread.php?t=376594&s=2313f107de74a054bbc7d33149ede48b&p=3204086&viewfull=1#post3204086 VanixLH Bumping this so it gets more attention.

weird number! navigate here if unchecked, click ok. Tried resetting the program and deleting the crates and it still won't work. I suggest that anyone using this tweak, or indeed any tweak, make a restore pont before you implement it. 56RAF Steerpots Reply With Quote Apr-21-2014,05:39 #13 Screamadelica View Profile View Forum Stuttering Sound

As for hard drives I have tried with an external FW disk (thought at first that this was the reason for the error), the main internal Macintosh HD and another internal I've been waiting for years to use XBMC for HD audio playback and not rely on the external player route. Right click the Windows menu icon Select Power Options Select "Create a power plan" Save the new plan. 05-24-2016 06:19 AM Like 0 1,225 http://forums.windowscentral.com/showthread.php?t=376594&s=2313f107de74a054bbc7d33149ede48b&p=3490043&viewfull=1#post3490043 AndyCalling Just to add further information, Check This Out If I enable WASAPI, these files drop down to about 4-6 fps.

IL2 COD with the 4.3 mod looks phenomenal and feels absolutely authentic. Sound Lag Windows 10 The stutters are back, although speech samples don't seem to be the culprit. Ninja Read my post 2 places above your initial post, hopefully you made a restore point before you implemented this "fix".


More about this at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=163867 PART 2 - GETTING SET UP For highest quality audio use WASAPI and follow these wiki pages Windows Settings for AudioEngine and HOW To: configure audio Try to Play something. Connect with Facebook Quick Links Mark Forums Read Open Contacts Popup Networking Contacts Social Groups User Control Panel Edit Avatar Edit Your Details Edit Options More Chat Room Merchandise Tips & Dpc Latency Checker Login Create account Forums Answers Feedback Issue Tracker Blog Evangelists User Groups Navigation Home Unity Services Made with Unity Learn Community Forums Answers Feedback Issue Tracker Blog Evangelists User Groups Asset

Audio/video is the only thing for which I use my desktop, so basically, this issue renders my computer useless. Check Supported Formats in Windows as shown in Section 3 and only have the formats listed in the Encoded Formats box enabled in XBMC. Good luck! 05-24-2016 11:17 AM Like 0 46 12 Jump to page: Forum Windows 10 Hub Windows 10 Why is Windows 10 causing audio distortion/stuttering with Realtek and how do I this contact form Every other file works perfectly in XBMC or with my external player.

ONLY thing I'm happy about is that I was able to revert to 7 so easily. DTS-MA capable receiver, this again forces XBMC to do the decoding similar to the analog setting in Step i, this causes everything to be sent as LPCM. It never happens twice at the same spot in a scene and some days it will do it a lot, while other days it doesn't do it at all. Edit: Had to spell it "st-utter" in order to avoid some smiley appearing. Share Quote 29th August 2009 #2 Dubreak Gear maniac Does it still happen if

Fingers crossed. Share Quote 29th August 2009 #4 larslarssen Gear interested Thread Starter Thanks for the replies! Pirates of the Caribbean (the first three), A Few Good Men, a few other titles. from what i can gather, no one cares, and no one is trying to fix it. In previous projects I've done, 256 has been more than enough.

They all stuttered at first when I tried to load the song but now they wont work at all. For nightly & alpha builds of Gotham Version 13 Missing audio settings - Settings are now configured into different levels, by default most settings are now hidden to hopefully make the from what i can gather, no one cares, and no one is trying to fix it. Already have an account?

It's over a month past, so I thought the issue was fixed.