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Network Shared Folder Asking For Username Password


I was not able to follow your work very far. To disable the guest account, do the following: Go to Start –> Run –> compmgmt.msc From the left hand pane, select Local Users And Groups –> Users In the right hand I found this thread that opened up 4 days ago, and I didn’t even realise this option existed! I've also found out that about half the WinXP users in our group were successful in mounting the share, but everyone that fails has the same error in their log. http://recupsoft.com/windows-7/disable-password-expiration-windows-10.html

In the drop down selector for the options of this policy, Locate and select the option "Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated". I've also found out that about half the WinXP users in our group were successful in mounting the share, but everyone that fails has the same error in their log. NOTE To remove a network share, right-click the shared folder and choose the Sharing And Securiy option. I am including each step in detail to help. 1 Logon to the Network Attached Disk and find out the name of the shared folder, the Workgroup name and the IP

Network Shared Folder Asking For Username Password

Description: Win 7 Professional trying to connect to a Synology 110J through mapped drives. THANK YOU LEE. I then went to the Iomega forumn to install the driver software.

  • Install correct driver for your OS. 2.
  • Previously I had tried typing in \\STORAGE\LAN DISK without the underscore and it had not recognised it. 5 I then backed out the changes suggested by James above, and it all
  • They are using four Windows XP machines with SP2 and an AppleShare IP 6.3 server.
  • and disable the account ..
  • Our impression was that for whatever reason the username and password that were used to access the Windows client workstation were being sent to the Mac OS X server.
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  • Thanks mate….
  • It includes SMB file and printer sharing and WINS support for Windows clients, as did the AppleShare IP server before it.

Click Choose homegroup and sharing options in the lower list (this opens Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Homegroup) 5. The others machines in the network can ping each other, the only one that can not ping the others is the Win7 machine, but I can use internet over the network Windows users can again log on and the SMBD processes are normal. Windows 10 Share Without Password I have no idea why 3-different machines all on the same W7 operating system act completely differently with the same technology.

If the same operation is done by two Wintel users the number two user gets a message that the document is already opened by user xx and that the document will Windows 10 Network Share Asking For Password Create a new DWORD value with the following properties: NAME: LmCompatibilityLevel VALUE: 1 4. Two are WinXP, one is Win7. Seems they only had problems when in a program and tried to select the mapped drive to save a file to.

The user name is defaulted to ComputerName\Guest and the field is disabled. Enter Network Password Windows 7 is there any file server service like samba running on your server? Regards, Kit LikeLike Reply Dustin says: October 13, 2010 at 22:50 Thank you soo much for this! Seems to be a glitch with windows 7.

Windows 10 Network Share Asking For Password

Brilliant! https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1033675-windows-7-keeps-asking-enter-network-password-to-connect-to-netwo/ Gustavo This solved us a big big problem. Network Shared Folder Asking For Username Password http://www.photoprose.org Horqua Applying these recommendations, I can easily access the shares and view contents of folders on Samba. Windows 7 Shared Folder Without Password Find folder “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” double click on it 6.

To reset your TCP/IP in Windows 7 you have to: Open an elevated Command prompt (Right Click CMD.EXE and choose Run as administrator) Type one of the following: netsh interface ipv4 click site Windows 7 is Windows 7 if you ask me. March 4, 2005 Brett Pearce We have 5 XP machines and on every one of them, once KB885250 hot fix is removed then access to our AppleShare IP server is restored. Prior to this, I had Windows Vista Home Premium on there, and I believe I got them confused. Username And Password For Network Sharing Windows 7

The new item appears to the right of the folders you have been clicking on. Can you think of anything else I might check? The only thing there is the local machine. http://recupsoft.com/windows-7/windows-7-startup-folder-missing.html http://www.google.com/search?q=Tanner+Williamson P.

Contact your net work administrator … the account is not authorized to log in from this station.!" when double clicked the server from network…. What Is Network Password To Connect To Another Computer In "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, you can see what has been installed recently, if you check the little box on top of the page, so you can see all Even if I have both my 10.2 box and my SP2 (professional) box in the same Workgroup, it still doesn't work.

but while working the speed is too slow and files get corrupted i transfer files from win 7 to win 2000(sp4)… so plz help LikeLike Reply ykyuen says: July 16, 2010

Reference: >[Windows7]Error code:0×80070035 The network path was not found LikeLike Reply dude says: November 2, 2011 at 02:03 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! could you connect to it using other desktop client? Select the Security Option under Local Policies 4. Turn Off Password Protected Sharing Windows 7 Using Automatically Generated Hidden Shares Windows XP Professional automatically creates shared folders by default each and every time the computer is started.

One theory is that when users disconnect the processes are not terminated, however when I try to reproduce this the processes terminate normally. Point to New , and then click DWORD Value . 4. Connection to it might drop and then pick back up. http://recupsoft.com/windows-7/windows-7-recent-documents-folder.html A Windows 2000 box has no problem accessing it.

c. After the CSC folder has been moved from its default location, all subsequent moves place it in the root of the drive volume—Cachemov.exe never returns the folder to its original default Basically, you can add a Username map = "/path/to/text/file/user.map" Line in your config that allows you to map short user names to longer or other ones. A list of network resources to which you have already connected is then displayed within the My Network Places window.

You have saved me lots of hours by not having to go back and reinstall Microsoft Windows Vista again. Click Reset Password. Could there be another setting that I need to adjust? All my Windows 7 machines were a month ahead.

File and Print Sharing – on. how about other computers with non Win7 OS? but if you cannot access that server. If you allow caching of files for a shared folder, you must choose from three options in the Caching Settings dialog box: Automatic Caching Of Documents—This option relies on the workstation

Managing Access to Shared Folders Windows XP Professional implements a new feature called Simple File Sharing, which is enabled by default when the computer is stand-alone or a member of a Mark Lee-Barber Hi. When the Port Name window open, Enter a port name as follows: \\computername\printername (replace computername with the name of your PC acting as print server, and printername with the name of about the ftp problem, have you ever tried to use a ftp client like FileZilla or wsftp?

After doing that, I could connect from Microsoft Windows 7 Professional to shared folders on Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. They both get either network path doesn't exist or authentication failed errors. They are aware there is a problem but they have so little feedback on the issue that they have nothing to work from as yet. BTW I'm able to pull a mac address on my command prompt window and I still get the message: "Windows was unable to connect to "get your own".